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Hi there, I’m Angie!


Next to this you will find two photos. One of myself and my husband, who I have been celebrating life with now for over 20 years. We met when we were just sweet teens. The second photo being our pride and joy, our three kids! They are the reason why we do what we do! So now you see I am a wife and a mother. But I am also a story teller. So here's my story…My husband Butch and I are business owners. We’ve had several different companies in the last decade, but let me tell you about my favorite. It all started with Cobblestone Courtyard. Cobblestone is our restaurant located in the heart of historic downtown St. Cloud. We opened it in 2013, little did I know at the time it would grow to be such an amazing thing. The town loved our food and my famous chicken salad. So along with the restaurant we started catering. Then came events, we started to rent out our little shabby chic’ restaurant to the people in our town. Well we just never stopped growing. We are now the owners and operators of “The Venue at Cobblestone” where we put on events year round. From Weddings, Birthdays, Banquets and Showers. But thats not all… Remember when I told you I was a story teller. Well we don’t just host these events and feed you. We plan, decorate and design. We serve, do florals, create and we tell your story! You show us your vision and we bring it to life. 


My shopping addiction has paid off over the years. We have our own inventory of “this & that’s” everything from chandlers, antique furniture, farm-tables (built by my husband), center-pieces, linen and an abundance of decor. We order in fresh flowers every week and make them in to amazing bouquets, center pieces, and arrangements. 


So now I have told you my story, let me help tell your story! I am a small town girl, who’s always dreamed of BIG things. Now my dreams are creating yours. 

Meet Stacey. She is witty with lots of smarts! She is my go-to for just a bout everything. Just like me she is a small town girl born in raised in the same town with BIG ideas! Stacey is our Restaurant Manager and assistant Event Coordinator. So I guess you could say that she is my right hand! She is also married happily and a mom to two little firecracker reds! Stacey has been in the event industry for over 15 years now. So needless to say she knows the ins and outs and what it takes to put together something amazing! 

Restaurant Manager | Asst. Event Coordinator 


Brunch for our 4 years!
Our girls working national Taco Day
The crew at an offsite wedding
My right hand and I
My mini me loves working with us
A day of with my team

1403 11th Street, Saint Cloud 34769 FL

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